How It Works

Thought Energy: the Basis of a Quantum Leap in Psychotherapy

Thoughts and emotions are energetic expressions of human consciousness. We all agree that thoughts are real; but would it surprise you to know that your thoughts exist outside of your head! Quantum mechanics, which is the most powerful explanation of reality as we know it, has demonstrated that every particle has an associated “information wave” or wave envelop that travels with and guides the particle. Particles always move slower than the speed of light while the information waves guiding them always move faster than the speed of light. From this perspective, thought and intention are seen as an informational part of the transduction of energy from higher dimensional, faster than light waveforms into our familiar 4 dimensional sub-light speed particle world.

It therefore seems reasonable that the most efficient form of therapeutic intervention to cure disturbances in our thoughts and emotions should operate at the quantum level of thought. In the past 20 years, several revolutionary forms psychotherapy, thought field therapies, have evolved that utilize the body’s magnetic polarity and the meridians through which the “subtle” bioenergy flows to interact with our thoughts and associated emotions. Although the meridian system was mapped by the Chinese approximately 5,000 years ago and apparently known to the Oete Valley “Iceman” nearly 1000 years earlier, only recently has this system been studied and verified by western science. Today, we know that meridians can be activated mechanically, electrically, optically and likely by focused intention. Systematic activation of meridians holds the key to unlocking mental and emotional disturbances.

A thought energy field is viewed as a collection of thoughts or attributes that are inter-related by their common theme or experience and bound together as a functional unit. Thoughts are the information that first precipitates from energy as it begins a process of slowing down until finally it is slowed to standstill, as if frozen in time in the form of matter. In this view, mind and matter differ little at all; they are simply different transformational steps is the process of creating manifest 4 dimensional reality.

Thought energy fields, like other fields, carry information, have memory, and can be perturbed causing mental disquietude. The perturbation or disruption of the free flow of energy within the thought field is seen as the fundamental cause of all negative emotions and is the target of thought energy therapies balancing or synchronizing interventions.

When treating a psychological problem, or more specifically the perturbation in the client’s related thought field, the client attunes a specific thought (e.g., a traumatic memory or the thought of a feared situation) much like a radio receiver tunes in a specific station. Therapy begins by testing for and correcting absent or reversed biomagnetic polarities that are associated with chronically negativistic thinking and self-sabotaging behaviors. Thought Energy therapy continues by activating a sequence of points on the bioenergy meridians affected by the perturbation using one of several methods. Likewise, the precise order of meridians to be stimulated can be determined by one of several diagnostic procedures. The end goal of treatment is to reinstate a balance by relieving the impediment to the free flow of energy through the thought field thereby allowing cognitive, emotional, and ultimately biochemical health.