About Dr. Nicosia

Gregory J. Nicosia, Ph.D., B.C.F.E. is a licensed psychologist and the founder of Advanced Diagnostics, P.C., Pittsburgh’s premiere center for the thought energy based psychotherapeutic treatment of trauma and remediation of cognitive dysfunction.

Dr. Nicosia has helped to explore and elaborate the newest psychotherapies in the last 35 years including biofeedback and behavioral medicine, EMDR, and most recently thought field therapy. Dr. Nicosia is the originator of TEST® Dx and ThoughtWorks® and has trained thousands of healthcare professionals throughout the U.S. in the use of TFT, and in his more recently developed Thought Energy Synchronization Therapy diagnostic and treatment procedures that have significantly expanded the range of effective application of energy psychology. He has authored a score of professional papers and articles, including publications on TFT and EMDR and was nominated as Pittsburgh Man of the Year in Science and Medicine for 1997.

Dr. Nicosia is a Member of the American Psychological Association, a Fellow of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association and the American College of Forensic Examiners, and Past President of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.